Railroad Engineering

Learn the basics of rail vehicle engineering, for a career in rail or as a hobbyist.
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The rail industry is flourishing worldwide and offers many interesting jobs. the planning and manufacturing of rail vehicles is different from other engineering tasks in several aspects. This course will introduce you to the foremost important differences so as to organize you for a possible career in rail.

Learn the fundamentals of rail vehicle engineering to figure in sustainable transportation:

Learn to classify rail vehicles consistent with operation or vehicle type

Get to understand the most differences between road and rail transport

Identify structural elements of rail vehicles and their requirements

Understand longitudinal and lateral dynamics of rail vehicles, including hunting movement and wheel rail contact

Find out how rail vehicles are manufactured

This course will assist you determine why rail vehicles are designed as they’re and the way this links to operational requirements.

You will know the structural elements of rail vehicles

so you can discuss technical features confidently.

The knowledge of longitudinal and lateral dynamics will provide you with important basics to perform your own calculations.

You will learn the basics of manufacturing rail vehicles

which will help you to understand the processes of rail vehicles.

You will be able to classify rail vehicles and to know their fundamental differences to road vehicles. This will help you to formulate requirements for rail vehicles and their subsystems as well understand the operational restrictions the are subjected to.

The course is considered for anybody interested in finding out more about rail vehicle design and the technical details behind them. It will also help people who aim to change their careers towards rail to feel confident with their knowledge. Obviously, this course cannot cater for experienced professionals and senior students, however their feedback is appreciated!

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