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“Something weird happens to companies once they hit 150 people”. This was the title of a piece of writing I read on Quartz last year and after reading it, my reaction was:

“Yes! That’s it. Finally, someone understands what startups go through!!”

For context, my name’s Dinesh Thiru and that i run marketing here at Udemy. I joined way back in 2011 once we were about 5 people and have seen us through the entire wild startup ride of ups, downs, sideways, back ups and more. It’s been incredible. the training and leadership experience of a lifetime. But there was just one occasion especially that nobody prepared me for…

In the summer of 2015, Udemy was 150 people… and by the top of 2016, we were 250. which is when everything went the wrong way up .

All the items that wont to work stopped. All the items we thought would work didn’t. And during a certain sense, we had to re-invent how we operated as a corporation .

And I blame it all on Robbin Dunbar.

Who’s Robbin? Why did things go the wrong way up at 150 people? What did we learn? and the way did we survive?

Well, if your startup is preparing to pass 150 people and you’re trying to find a leadership crash program on mission, vision, strategy, culture, team building, org design, goals, communication, and everything in between… please step inside!

Build startup leadership skills that prepare you for Dunbar\\\\\\\'s Number

How to define mission


and strategy at your startup

How to design teams


and communication at your startup

Explain “Dunbar’s Number” and how it applies to your startup

Identify the early signs that your startup\\\\\\\'s approaching Dunbar’s Number

1.Leadership of startups between 30 and 300 people 2.Team members of startups between 30 and 300 people 3.People thinking about joining startups between 30 and 300 people

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