What is Vipassana Meditation and How to Join and Start Meditation?

What is Vipassana?

Vipassana means in English clear seeing or special seeing which means in simpler words to see the world with not just your beautiful eyes but to see with a beautiful mind. This is India’s most ancient technique of meditation founded more than 2500 years ago which is refer to remove evil from the mind and fill it with purity, love, and happiness. This technique has been taught by Buddha himself.

Why join Vipassana?

As the world is growing with new technology and becoming digital people have lost time for themselves as they spend more time in search of money to find happiness. And there are also many reasons which have kept the human mind more stressed and have stolen real happiness from them. Humans are suffering more mental health diseases than before. The calmness in the mind isn’t there which causes the mind to become ill.


And you also must be suffering from the same so to cure this you should try meditation called vipassana. Vipassana has become part of many human lives as they have joined and started meditating and there are many testimonials available on the internet about how it changed people’s lives. Trying vipassana connects your body and mind with deep interconnection with self-discipline.

How to join Vipassana?

The course is free of cost and duration is of 10 days and to join vipassana one must visit their website and see the available center in their own country and state. Every location has its special websites where you can apply the form as well as contact the local location center. To search your location center https://www.dhamma.org/en-US/maps#001.

Visit the website https://www.dhamma.org/en where you get all instructions on how to join the course.

Advantages of Vipassana
  1. You will be joined as a student and come out as a forever student because your life and thinking get change once you explore your mind and body.
  2. Meditation is all the new trend in this busy world and learning the oldest meditation technique for free of cost is the best thing you could do in your entire life.
  3. No charges to pay the foundation instead if you are happy with the course donate some amount only if you want to.
  4. Understanding will be easier with people as you will feel relax and as many rich people from all over the country are moving towards this technique.
  5. Anyone can join and you don’t have to Buddhist to join the vipassana course.
Disadvantages of Vipassana
  1. You just have to quit everything(job, business, studies) to change your entire life for 10 days to focus on the course.

Is there any free course on Vipassana?

Yes, there is a free course on Vipassana available on their YouTube channel to learn and understand vipassana.

Click here to watch the course by Vipassana.


But the real benefit is only if you take out some time and involve yourself or your whole family in this amazing technique because online learning is good if you want to go for just general knowledge.


So Edniverse recommends you to take out some time and join the course to nearby your center whether in India or else in the world.