Young woman Engineer who founded his civil engineering company at an early age


Áine O’Dwyer from Ireland having a bachelor’s degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from NJIT and a master’s in Civil Engineering, also from NJIT. A basketball enthusiast who thought of being a basketball player then turns out to youngest civil engineer CEO founded a company called Envato Engineering. She said in one of her interviews she went to a technical high school that was near to her where her eyes opened about engineering. Lots of things she learned about engineers and arts at an early age. One of the key factors of being a civil entrepreneur is her sister who is a couple of years older than her was a civil engineer where she used to see all the things her sister used to do for studying civil engineering.


She worked in New Jersey on highway projects, also on a white stone bridge project in New York City including environmental projects. She enjoyed doing all these projects and her nature is of problem-solving. During her work, she used to choose a lot of hard or complex projects just to solve and learn from these projects.


Doing these made her different from all the team members she used to work with during projects. Then she became an engineering manager which motivated her to start her own company called Envato Engineering.


ENR National 2018 Top 20 under 40 awards

ENR New York 2018 Top Young Professionals,

Building Design and Construction,

Class of 2018 40 under 40

NJBIZ Best Women in Business 2019 award.

Youngest CEO in Civil Engineering


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