As an engineer, you must have played with Arduino in your projects where you used to program Arduino on your PC and then connecting your Arduino to PC and testing your device finally. But this is boring and old to carry a PC and your little device to show your project in presentation. To make this easier we have got an amazing app that can help you in making your project smarter. Blynk is an amazing IoT app to run your Arduino project where you can integrate your device with your phone within 5 minutes.

As shown in the video above you have done everything in your project now open your phone download blynk app and come on the dashboard. Now go to the widget box select a widget of the switch and put inputs like mode and pin. Completing this now place one token given by this in your Arduino programming now you can run your switch on switch off your bulb with your phone. Amazing isn’t it? Where was this app before? Don’t worry use it now and share it with your friends to be cool.


Devices in which Blynk App will run are:

Supported boards and shields:
• ESP8266
• ESP32
• NodeMCU
• Arduino Uno
• Arduino Mega
• Arduino Nano
• Arduino Mini
• Arduino YÚN (Bridge)
• Arduino Due
• Arduino 101
• Raspberry Pi
• Particle Core (ex Spark Core)
• Particle Photon
• SparkFun Blynk Board
• TinyDuino (CC3000)
• Wicked WildFire (CC3000)


The app has been downloaded more than 100 k and has been rated 4.4 stars on the google play store.


1.Best app for electronic lovers.

2.Makes your project simple and easy.

3.Run your device through your phone.

4.Takes only 5 minutes to set up.


1.Sometimes connection fails but can be solved by installing again.

2.Login issues are there.